On the 31st August 1997 the former Princess of Wales, a prominent member of the British Royal family dies in a car crash in a Paris tunnel. As most of the western world falls into mourning the French police launch an investigation and announce that they have found traces of white paint from a Fiat Uno on the wreckage of the Mercedes Benz. 

  Several weeks’ later Robert Hunter wakes up hooded and chained to a chair, he’s half dead, tortured and beaten. What is the connection between the two events? Does he know something? Did he see something he shouldn’t have?

  Robert Hunter is a so called Paparazzi photographer. Working for an agency he travels the world photographing everyone from famous A-list celebrities to minor fame chasing z-listers.

  Whilst on his way to cover a Royal visit to the town of Tuzla in Bosnia-Herzegovina he is involved in a landmine strike and whilst his injuries are minor those of his colleague are much more serious.

  Meanwhile rumours abound in the press of an engagement between Dianna and her latest boyfriend and also the possibility of her being pregnant. After recovering at the British Military hospital at Sipovo in Bosnia the Agency rush him to Paris in place of his injured friend.

  Once there he meets up with his contact at the Ritz hotel and is told that the couple are about to travel by car to his apartment and will be making some sort of announcement.

Upon entering the Alma tunnel he is overtaken by a motorbike and moments later struck by a speeding Mercedes. Suddenly blinded by a mysterious light he struggles to maintain control of his little Fiat, he accidently hits the auto-shutter on his camera which takes several photographs of the events in the tunnel. The Mercedes has crashed and Robert stops to give help.

  It is then that he notices the motorbike has also stopped and the pillion passenger is pointing a silenced pistol at him, he bolts. He is pursued across Europe and eventually back to London by men in a blacked out Range Rover.
  Discovering a conspiracy between mobile telephone companies and the electronic components of landmines Robert believes he has found the motive behind the ‘accident’. But then he discovers the real reason lies with a secret organisation that has shadowed the Royal family since the time of Cromwell. 

He is finally apprehended after a chase through London during the royal funeral, hooded and chained he is taken to a secret location and tortured for the images he captured on his camera. Assuming that he will be killed his tormentor’s reveal that he was always meant to be part of the ‘perfect accident’, and that him being in that tunnel at that moment in time was always part of their master plan.

  On the brink of death he is rescued by a joint MI5/SAS assault and placed in witness protection. Still feeling threatened he decides the only way to ensure his safety is to go public and contacts a journalist.

  The story is told in the first person and begins when he meets the journalist and recounts his story to her in a series of flashbacks.